Digitech TimeBender Delay

www.ProGuitarShop.com - Digitech TimeBender Delay Pedal The Digitech TimeBender Delay goes beyond your normal digital delay processor. Sure you get 10 delay types (Analog, Digital, Moving Head Tape, Fixed Head Tape, Dynamic (ducking delays), Reverse and Time Warp, etc) and tap tempo but from there it gets fun. The Digitech TimeBender gives you the ability to add intelligent pitch shifting to your delay repeats. There are over 100 voicings for the pitch shifting like octave, 5ths, 3rds and more. This creates layers of atmosphere and ringing voices in your repeats. The Time Bender Delay is also capable of letting you create custom repeat patterns and rhythms on the fly. Up to 6 taps may be stored at any interval for whacky delay effects that go beyond the normal boring old subdivisions. Just tap it in and wha-la! Custom made subdivisions on the fly! The Digitech TimeBender Delay also offers full-time tone control, modulation, multiplier, tap tempo, and repeat ping-pong patterns on all delay types. For the first time you get a Fixed Head Tape delay sound with tone rolled off, modulation and set to repeat in triplets. You also get a 20 second looper! With the Digitech TimeBender Delay you have a rackful of power at your toes and studio quality delay any time, any where.

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