Hardwire TR-7 Tremolo Rotary

The Hardwire TR-7 Tremolo Rotary combines the best of your favorite pulsating tremolo and rotary speaker sounds in one heavy duty pedal. This true stereo effect has multiple modes to choose from, all which can be controlled via tap tempo. 4 unique tremolo types emulate anything from warm amp-like pulses to helicopter chop, or separate 2 trems at once. The Rotary mode produces the sound Organ players have enjoyed long before guitarists plugged in. It's complete with a treble and bass rotor that move at different speeds for an extra lush sound. There are also similar tones coming from the Vibropan, which gives you a cold shot of swirling stereo sounds. Plus the Hardwire TR-7 Tremolo Rotary contains a stunning Ultravibe mode with slow phasey goodness and an liquid-like vibrato. - http://proguitarshop.com/store/effects-tremolo-pedals-c-602_10/hardwire-tr-7-tremolo-rotary-p-2276 -

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