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Guitar Workstation

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Guitar Workstation

The GNX1™ is much more advanced than the conventional amp modeling processors to date. Thanks to DigiTech's AudioDNA™ DSP Engine and the software power provided by GeNetX™, the GNX1™ allows the musician to literally create their own amp model, their own speaker cabinet, their own signature sound. The GNX1™ provides several of the most popular amp models and speaker cabinets to choose from and GeNeTX™ provides the tools and technology to "warp" the characteristics of these components together into your own "Hypermodel". The GNX1's awesome amp creating ability is also enhanced with a complete library of studio quality guitar effects that made DigiTech famous. The GNX1 also includes DigiTech's® Learn-A-Lick™ feature, which samples those "speed demon solos" and then slows them down to one-quarter speed while retaining the original pitch. The GNX1's Rhythm Trainer provides 30 different drum patterns to practice against, a perfect tool for improving your timing. When you put all of this power and technology together in a rugged steel chassis, complete with built-in Expression Pedal, assignable LFO Filters, full MIDI implementation, and a user-friendly interface, and you have the most complete and comprehensive guitar system to date.

Item# GNX1

General Specifications

A/D/A 24 bit
Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz
DSP Section Dual Audio DNA™ DSP architecture
Frequency Response Dry 20 Hz. -- 20 kHz. +0, -3 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio Greater than 95 dB; ref = max signal, 22kHz measurement bandwidth.
Preset Memory 48 Factory Presets, 48 User Presets
Power Consumption 15 watts


Length 14.5"
Width 9"
Height 3"
Unit Weight 6.4 lbs.

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