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Guitar Workstation

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Guitar Workstation

GeNeTX™ technology gives you the ability to "warp" the characteristics of any 2 amp and cabinet models into a completely new "Hypermodel." Now you have the ability to create an entirely new amp/cabinet combination that is uniquely your own. To make this incredible tone shaping power even more flexible we have included Distortion Stompbox modeling. 10 of the most popular distortion stompboxes can be used in conjunction with any of the models and hypermodels, making the GNX2™ the most complete guitar processing system to date. For individuals into digital recording, the GNX2™ provides an S/PDIF digital output allowing direct connectivity to these devices. You may no longer need outboard effects processing with an extensive library of studio quality effects including the Talker™, giving your guitar the ability to literally "say" what's on its mind. The GNX2™ has 64 user and 64 factory presets as well as Learn-A-Lick™ and Rhythm Trainer practice tools.

Item# GNX2

General Specifications

A/D/A 24 bit
Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz
DSP Section Dual Audio DNA™ DSP architecture
Frequency Response Dry 20 Hz. -- 20 kHz. +0, -3 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio > 97dB; ref = max signal, 22kHz measurement bandwidth.
Preset Memory 64 Factory Presets, 64 User Presets
Power Consumption 23 watts


Length 17.5"
Width 9"
Height 3"
Unit Weight 7.8 lbs.

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