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Tone Evolution Meets Tone Creationism

Evolve. The GNX4 is the only guitar multi-effect processor with GNX technology that allows you to genetically create new guitar tones by spicing the mathematical "DNA" of amplifiers. Blend your favorite amps to produce your signature tone. Create. The GNX4 is not only a guitar multi-effects processor it has a built in 8-track recorder with an extraordinary MIDI drum machine. Compose and arrange music with your signature tones and style. Your music can be saved onto the Compact Flash memory card to transfer to your computer or record live via USB. To finish your songs, use the included Pro Tracks Plus™ recording software for your PC or Bias ® Deck™ 3.5 for your Mac. Lexicon® Pantheon reverb plug-ins are also included. The GNX4 also features a phantom powered microphone input that allows you to lay vocal tracks down as well. Perform. The GNX4 is not only a formidable recording device, the footswitches and signal chain make the GNX4 a top-notch live performance processor. Take your personal tones on the road.

Item# GNX4

General Specifications

A/D Converter 24-bit high performance audio
D/A Converter 24-bit high performance audio
Sampling Rate 44.1 kHz throughout
DSP Section 3 Audio DNA™ DSP Processors + dedicated 8-Track Engine/MP3 Player/MIDI Drum Machine DSP
Preset Memory 80 Factory Presets, 80 User Presets, 80 Card Presets (using an optional Compact Flash® Memory Card)
USB Type Type B, supports USB1.1 Full Speed (12 MHz Bandwith USB 2.0 compatible)
Power Consumption 21.0 Watts


Length 21.5"
Width 9"
Height 3.25"
Unit Weight 10 lbs.

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