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Modeling Guitar Processor and USB Audio Interface

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Modeling Guitar Processor and USB Audio Interface

Think of it as the ultimate floor processor with direct XLR speaker compensated outs to run to your PA, and a USB recording interface with all of the ins and outs you'll ever need. The RPx400 is the first modeling floor processor with true two-way computer connectivity and extra I/O to handle vocals, other instruments and monitoring. With everything you need to record (including a kick-ass floor processor), this is truly digital recording designed by guitarists for guitarists. On stage you can have the best of both worlds by using the separate 1/4" and XLR outputs to send their sound to the amplifier or the PA, using DigiTech's award-winning cabinet modeling. When you are ready to record, all of your tone is ready to stream directly into the PC. But it doesn't stop there; you can also record vocals using the built-in mic-pre amp. Or, use the stereo line level inputs to record any instrument-just plug and play. For a limited time we are also including our new recording software, designed by Cakewalk® and DigiTech, getting you on your way to recording and burning your next hit CD.

Item# RPx400

General Specifications

A/D/A 24 bit Delta Sigma Converters
Drum Machine 30 Patterns + Metronome
Simultaneous Effects up to 11
Power Consumption 10 Watts
Power Supply 9 VAC, 1300mA, DigiTech PS0913B
Preset Memory 40 User, 40 Factory Artist, 40 Factory
Effects Pickup Simulator,Wah, Compressor,Amp and Acoustic Guitar Models, 3 band EQ, Noise Gate,Auto Swell, Pluck Gate, Cabinet Modeling, Mic Placement, Chorus, Flange, Triggered Flange, Phaser,Triggered Phaser,Tremolo, Panner,Vibrato, Rotary Speaker, AutoYa™,YaYa


Length 8.5"
Width 13"
Height 2.25"
Unit Weight 4.65 lbs.

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