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Gunslinger + Compressor 280 Bundle
Gunslinger - Silver - Mosfet Distortion Pedal - Hero
Compressor 280 - Orange - Compressor - Hero
Gunslinger + Compressor 280 Bundle

Gunslinger + Compressor 280 Bundle

Enhance your pedalboard and take your tones to the next level with the DOD Gunslinger and DOD Compressor 280. The Gunslinger delivers a wide range of distortion tones with the touch sensitivity normally associated with tubes that is perfect for explosive chord work and high-velocity leads, while the Compressor 280 helps you manage the dynamic range of your instrument’s input signal. Plus, both pedals feature true bypass, which keeps your guitar tone pristine when the pedals are off.


Gunslinger + Compressor 280 Bundle



Mosfet Distortion Pedal

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Compressor 280


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